BEMER: Bio-ElectroMagnetic Energy Regulation

The BEMER is a FDA registered  Medical Device that promotes general blood flow and circulation through a proprietary signal.  The process supports health and balance as well as facilitating the body's natural healing ability.  

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BEMER = Bio-Electro-Magnetic Energy Regulation


BEMER is a FDA registered medical device that uses a proprietary, patented signal to communicate with the microcirculation system in the body

BEMER enhances circulation and general blood flow 

BEMER enhances the supply of oxygen and nutrients

BEMER enhances concentration, stress reduction and relaxation

BEMER enhances strength and endurance

BEMER enhances sleep

BEMER creates an environment where healthy cells thrive and survive

BEMER has an agreement with NASA to incorporate the technology into their space suits

BEMER has been researched and used by medical professionals in Europe for over 20 years

BEMER is used in the NATO Hospital in Hungary where they do at least 350 BEMER sessions per day.

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