Deb Wellmes, MA, ND

Doctor of Naturopathy


Deb has been a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist for over 39 years, working primarily with adults and children with developmental delays in a variety of settings.  During that time she has focused her practice on technology solutions as well as sensory integration as they relate to communication and quality of life.  After caring for her mother for 7 years, Deb was left with a host of stress-related health problems, which set her on a journey of natural health and wellness.  She completed her Doctor of Naturopathy degree, with a concentration in Nutrition and Lifestyle, in 2009.  The Doctor of Naturopathy Degree (ND) Deb received is an advanced degree that concentrated on clinical application rather than research.  In addition to her degree, Deb has studied a wide range of healing modalities including Vibroacoustic Therapy, Therapeutic Listening Programs (including The Listening Program, Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention, and inTime) Essential Oils, Bach Flowers, and is a Level II Reiki practitioner. She has been a contributing writer to online publications such as Wake Up World. 

Deb believes there are many paths to wellness; that the marriage of Ancient and Modern healing practices can bring you into a balance of wellness and harmony.